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SSL-19 Seastriker Surface-to-Surface FEL by Anzac-A1 SSL-19 Seastriker Surface-to-Surface FEL by Anzac-A1
Designed to replace naval weapon systems such as the 5-inch guns used by most navies of the late 20th and early 21st century, the SSL-19 Seastriker is a large-diameter (7.5 inch) free-electron laser weapon system, which takes advantage of the colossal output of the nitrogen-fuelled nuclear fusion reactors which power the ships it is mounted on. The Seastriker, as the name suggests, is designed to engage both torpedoes and small surface vessels at ranges up to 40km from the ship. At 40 Gigawatts, the laser is able to engage targets up to 10m below the surface of the water, although the maximum range in this instance is reduced as the beam rapidly loses power travelling through water. The laser is capable of firing continuously for up to 10 seconds at a time, requiring a 5-10 second cool-down period between shot, although bursts of up to 2 seconds require less than one second of cool-down time. The Seastriker’s only liability lies in its extremely limited elevation; the turret has a maximum elevation of just -10°, severely restricting its close-in capabilities. This limitation is mediated by the system’s long detection range of 100km, meaning that the laser typically destroys/disables its targets before they get any closer than 30km.

SSL-19 Seastriker Specifications

Designation: SSL-19 (Surface-to-Surface Laser Mark 19)
Type: Ship-mounted Surface-to-Surface Free-electron Laser (FEL) Weapon System
Unit Weight: 347 kg (765 lb)
Power: 50 GW
Detection Range: 100 km (62 mi)
Strike Range: 40 km (24.8 mi)
Target Acquisition Capacity: Up to 9 targets
Traverse: 180°
Elevation: +30° to -10°
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