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SAL-17 Skystriker Surface-to-Air FEL by Anzac-A1 SAL-17 Skystriker Surface-to-Air FEL by Anzac-A1
Just like the SSL-19 Seastriker, the SAL-17 Skystriker was designed to replace conventional naval weapon systems, this time in the anti-air role. The Skystriker is capable of engaging not only aircraft, but also air and surface-launched missiles and rockets, as well as guided and unguided bombs. Although the Skystriker’s laser is rated at just 25 Gigawatts, little more than half the power of its surface-to-surface cousin, the beam itself is much more focused, with a beam diameter of just 1 inch. This focused beam allows the Skystriker to engage targets at altitudes up to 110,000 feet, meaning that no aircraft is out of range. The laser typically fires for up to 3 seconds at a time, which prevents any significant heat build-up, eliminating the need for cool-down time between firing. Furthermore, the system destroys aircraft by detonating their fuel tanks, while for missiles, rockets and bombs the explosives are detonated, allowing a target to be destroyed typically within 1-2 seconds of entering firing range. This rapid target destruction allows the Skystriker to track up 15 individual targets and destroy all of them within 15-30 seconds. These performance figures enable the twenty units installed on the Avalon-class superbattleship to deal with a total of 300 aerial targets at any one time. In addition, the Skystriker units on a ship are all interlinked and communicate with each other in battle. As a result, if a target moves into an area where one Skystriker cannot aim, it will alert the next Skystriker that a new target is about to enter its line of fire. Thus, any ship equipped with the SAL-17 Skystriker possesses a nigh-impenetrable defence against aerial threats at virtually any altitude.

SAL-17 Specifications

Designation: SAL-17 (Surface-to-Air Laser Mark 17)
Type: Ship-mounted Surface-to-Air Free-electron Laser (FEL) Weapon System
Unit Weight: 238 kg (524 lb)
Power: 25 GW
Detection Range: Detection Range (Distance): 100 km (62 mi)
: Detection Range (Altitude): 0 – 110,000 ft (0 – 33,528 m)
Strike Range: Maximum Altitude: 110,000 ft (33,528 m)
Target Acquisition: Up to 15 targets
Traverse: 360°
Elevation: -20°/-45° (depending on placement on ship), +90°
Mechatherium Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Grief! What kind of power supply you got for these things!
Anzac-A1 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
I'll be uploading the ship that these are mounted on at some point in the near future, so everything should make more sense then. I've got three ships at the moment; a superbattleship, a super carrier and a normal sized carrier, two of which were modified from designs by Bagera3005 (check out his gallery, it's got some cool stuff), while the battleship is my own design.
Anzac-A1 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
Hydrogen-fuelled nuclear fusion reactors, two of them.
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September 10, 2013
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